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    default China PR IS CROWNED MISS WORLD 2007

    Mesazh nga **GISHTEZA** prej 2/12/2007, 18:16

    China PR has won the highly coveted title of Miss World 2007 in a glittering, star-studded ceremony at the Beauty Crown Theatre in Sanya, Hainan Province, China.
    The 2007 Miss World Festival has seen 106 beautiful and talented contestants spend an unforgettable month in China, but there could only be one winner and the applause rang out in the packed theatre as Julia Morley, Chairman of the Miss World Organisation and of the international panel of judges, announced the winner’s name.
    Her smile shone out to a worldwide TV audience of over 2 billion as she was crowned by last year’s Miss World, Tatana Kucharova.
    First runner-up was Angola, followed by Mexico as second runner-up. The other two finalists were Trinidad & Tobago and Sweden.
    An impressive cast of international stars and music artists ensured that the 57th Miss World Final was a dazzling event.

    The TV spectacular was hosted by top Chinese TV presenter Angela Chow, presenting Miss World for the fifth year in succession, alongside co-host Fernando Allende, who is one of Latin America’s biggest stars and was making his Miss World debut.
    The show told the story of the contestants’ stay in the tropical paradise of Sanya, with many clips of their activities and sightseeing, as well as their exciting trip to Beijing where they recorded the Olympic Torch Relay Anthem, visited the Great Wall and helped the Red Cross raise over US$5.5m to build new healthcare centres across China.
    It also featured a stunning performance by international pop star Duncan James, formerly with the boy band Blue, singing ‘All I care about is love’ from the hit musical Chicago, and spectacular dancing and acrobatics from some of China’s most talented dance troupes.
    One of the highlights came when Mandla Mandela, grandson of Nelson Mandela, introduced his grandfather’s televised message for World Aids Day. This was followed by a magical moment, when the children from the Mandelas’ home town in South Africa joined with children from a local Hainan school and all 106 contestants to sing the World Aids Day song.
    Miss World – The Final is the World’s largest live annual TV event with global viewing figures topping two billion across 174 countries.
    The full line-up of official judges at the Miss World 2007 Final was:
    Julia Morley Chairman of Miss World Organisation and of the judging panel
    Chairman Zhao Chairman of the Huayu Group
    Li Xiao Bai Managing Director of New Silk Road
    Maki Mandela Eldest daughter of Nelson Mandela
    Elena Franchuk Founder of the Anti-Aids Foundation of Ukraine
    Krish Naidoo Miss World Organisation International Ambassador
    Duncan James International pop star
    Annabel Croft Formerly one of the UK’s most successful female tennis stars
    Neal Hamil Managing Director of the Elite Model Agency in New York
    Ben De Lisi World famous Italian Fashion designer

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    default Re: China PR IS CROWNED MISS WORLD 2007

    Mesazh nga MiLaN prej 2/12/2007, 20:05

    中国PR 获得了World 2007 年在闪烁, 星散布的仪式小姐的高度垂涎的称号在秀丽冠剧院在Sanya, Hainan 省,
    中国。2007 年小姐World Festival 看见106 美丽和有天才的兢争者度过一个令人难忘的月在中国,
    但那里能只是一个优胜者并且掌声敲响了在被包装的剧院作为Julia Morley, 小姐世界组织的主席和国际陪审团,
    宣布了优胜者的名字。她的微笑发光了对全世界电视观众2 十亿当她在去年的World, Tatana Kucharova
    以前小姐加冠了。第一位亚军是安哥拉, 被墨西哥跟随作为第二位亚军。其它二位决赛选手是特立尼达&
    多巴哥和瑞典。国际明星和音乐艺术家一个印象深刻的塑像保证, 第57 个小姐World Final 是使目炫事件。
    电视spectacular 由顶面中国人电视赠送者Angela 食物主持了, 提出World 小姐第五年在连续, 沿着共同主办Fernando
    ・亚伦得, 是拉丁美洲的最大的星的当中一个和做他的World 小姐首演。展示讲兢争者的逗留的故事在Sanya 热带天堂,
    与许多夹子他们的活动和观光, 并且他们扣人心弦的旅行到他们记录奥林匹克火炬中转专题歌的北京, 被参观长城和被帮助红十字培养结束US$5.5m
    建立新医疗保健中心横跨中国。它并且以惊人表现为特色由国际流行音乐明星Duncan 詹姆斯, 以前与男孩带蓝色, 唱歌` 全部I 关心是爱'
    从命中音乐芝加哥, 和壮观的跳舞和杂技从一些中国的最有天才的舞蹈马戏团。聚焦的当中一个来了当Mandla Mandela,
    纳尔逊Mandela 的孙子, 介绍了他的祖父的电视播送的消息为世界援助天。这在魔术的片刻以前跟随了, 当孩子从Mandelas
    的家乡在南非加入与孩子从一所地方Hainan 学校和所有106 个兢争者唱世界援助天歌曲。World 小姐-
    决赛是世界的最大的尚在争论中的年鉴电视事件以全球性观察形象名列前茅二十亿横跨174 个国家。正式法官充分的联盟在World 2007
    小姐决赛是: 小姐世界组织的Julia Morley 主席和乌克兰Krish Naidoo 小姐世界组织国际Duncan
    詹姆斯・International 大使流行音乐明星Annabel 小农场以前一个的反援助基础的纳尔逊Mandela Elena
    Franchuk 创建者的新丝绸之路Maki Mandela 最老的女儿的Huayu 小组李・肖Bai
    总经理的判断的陪审团主席赵主席精华式样代办处的英国最成功的女性网球明星Neal Hamil 总经理在纽约本・De Lisi World

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