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    Criminal Jurisdiction 100 Years
    after the 1907 Hague Peace Conference

    28 June – 30 June 2007, Steigenberger Kurhaus Hotel
    The Hague, The Netherlands

    In 1907, forty-six of the world’s leading nations assembled at The Hague to
    adopt a dozen seminal conventions, declarations and regulations defining the
    rules of conduct in modern warfare. These rules have since ripened into
    customary international law, binding on all states. They formed the basis for the
    later adoption of the 1949 Geneva Conventions and 1977 Additional Protocols,
    as well as the Biological Weapons and Chemical Weapons Conventions.

    The 8th Hague Joint Conference honors the centennial anniversary of the Hague
    Conference of 1907 with a line up of panels focusing on salient issues in
    international humanitarian law and criminal jurisdiction.

    Don’t Miss These Featured Speakers:

    Mr. Luis Moreno-Ocampo, Chief Prosecutor of the International Criminal Court,
    on “Investigating the Darfur Case: Difficulties and Prospects”
    Dr. Ernst Hirsch Ballin, Minister of Justice of the Netherlands on “Trends and
    Challenges in the Field of European Criminal Law”
    Join in Discussion of the Latest in International Criminal Law, including:

    Effective Remedies for All? Universalizing the Battle Against Impunity
    Defining, Suppressing and Trying Genocide
    Need for a Comprehensive Anti-Terrorism Convention?
    Head of State Immunity for Former Leaders
    Truth Commissions, Accountability and the International Criminal Court
    Judicial Review of Internationally-enacted Anti-terror Measures: Problems and
    Corporate Liability for Human Rights Crimes
    Cross-fire Discussion of Lessons Learned from the Trials of Slobodan Milošev­c,
    Charles Taylor and Saddam Hussein
    International Humanitarian Intervention in the Post-September 11 Era
    The Plundering of Natural Resources and Destruction of the Environment in
    Times of Armed Conflict
    The Future of the International Criminal Court
    Dealing with Present-day Conduct of Hostilities
    For more information and to register, see [url=][/url]

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