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    Mesazh nga Annika prej 10/7/2007, 17:18

    Be That Friend
    Well, your friends now what's right,
    and your friends know what's wrong
    and your friends all know some time
    it's hard to choose,
    But the friend who helps you see
    where the choices will lead
    is the kind of friend
    you never want to lose.
    It's that friend who leads with love,
    doesn't pushdosen't shove
    just reminds you of the truth
    you always known.
    Then does more than just talk
    take your hand and starts to walk
    bu your side along the road
    that leads back home.
    And this friend seems to see
    all the great things you'll be
    even when some things you do
    would prove him wrong.
    But he always believes
    that the real you he sees
    it's a championhe simply
    cheering on.
    And the love that you feel
    from a friend that's this real
    is as powerful as anything
    on earth,
    For it lifts and it grows
    and it strengthens and it flows
    it's what allows a soul
    to feel just what they're
    So many lonely souls are calling
    and our brightest stars
    would not be falling
    if only they had a friend.
    A real friend
    one hopes to find
    one true friend who's the kind
    they can count on
    for forever and a day.
    Be that friend, be that kind
    that you've prayed you might find
    and you'll always have
    a best friend come what may.
    (Micheal McLean)

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