A thought for the day.

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    Mesazh nga Annika prej 13/7/2007, 15:36

    Which was your best day so far? Was it your graduation day? Was it your last volleyball game you won. The last time you got a surprise from someone. Was it last year, last week or just simply just yesterday? As great as any of these days may have been at the time there are only one day that really qualifies and that is today. Today can be your best day so far it is up to us what we do with our day.

    There will be moments in our life's which is being counted as our best day so far. if we add them together with every new things that comes along, such as our graduation day, summer break, a surprise from someone, our birthday, our children's birth, things we do together with our family, friends and everyone else. If we just add them together and at time when we look back we will see how much we havein our life's to be happy for.

    If we wake up in the morning believing this is going to be my best day so far then we have made a good beginning of the new day. There is only one day that is my best day so far and that is today. And i will add this new day of my best day so far to all of the others of y best day so far.
    What we do with our day is up to us but it sure will give us so much more in return if we have a positive attitude towards everything. Its not going to be easy but it sure will make a huge different of our day by thinking this is my best day so far.


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